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Homework time begins at 2 p.m., which is traditionally called "study hall time". During the study hall time the athletes are divided into two groups according to grade levels, which start at different times. This makes it possible to work in small groups and to make optimal use of the space. Participation in homework supervision is compulsory for everyone and is set to at least 45 minutes. If students complete their homework reliably and completely and prepare conscientiously for oral and written performance assessments, they are given greater freedom and can freely choose their area of ​​work.


Reliable and hardworking students can also do homework and study independently at the workstation in their rooms. The time in the study room is coordinated by the qualified pedagogue Andreas Dietlinger, who has successfully looked after the residents of the boardinghome in school matters for ten years. He is supported by other educational staff, student assistants and volunteers. The employees are in regular contact with the schools and class teachers in order to exchange information about performance levels, preparatory or follow-up learning content and social behavior in the class. In case of difficulties, we work together with the parents of the students to find a suitable solution for the athlete.

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