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The new building of the Sportinternat Regensburg has existed since 2016.


In Donaustaufer Str. 256, right next to the existing Armin Wolf Baseball Arena. It is located in a central but quiet district of Regensburg, a few minutes away from the schools and the ice hockey stadium and training center.


The athletes are offered the best possible environment in order to be successful in school and sport. At the Sportinternat Regensburg, this begins with the accommodation.


All students are accommodated on two floors in 30 modern single rooms with their own bathroom, whereby the younger and older residents are spatially separated.

The rooms are completed furnished, but the young people can set them up and design them individually.


All rooms have their own working area for individual homework supervision and a fast internet connection.


Every resident can go to his room at any time as a private retreat in order to enjoy a high degree of privacy.


The spectacular view from the balcony, to which every room has access, extends over the Armin Wolf Baseball Arena and the surrounding sports fields.

The residents' rooms are designed in such a way that the room goes directly into an open, bright group room.


A large part of life in the boardinghouse takes place at the long table in the dining area. Here meals are eaten together, students can talk about school or personal issues or group evenings are spent together.


The group room also has a sofa corner with TV, a group working area and a leisure area with a pool table and other games.


The group room is decorated with pictures of successful former boarding school players. The aim of these pictures is to show the students that every dream can come true

In addition to boarding rooms, there is another room on the second floor that is used for homework supervision and study time, and the support and intensification, the so-called study room.


In the study room there is also a PC workstation with internet connection where the students can research, prepare presentations or print them out.


In addition, there are materials in this room that can be used to intensify the course content, reference works and office supplies.


In a separate intensification room, other students can be encouraged to do their homework individually or in small groups.


During homework time, residents can also use the sofa corner or the group working area to work or study individually or in groups.