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When students have fulfilled their school duties, they have free time until training. This moment is tailored to the needs, interests and inclinations of each student and offers them a familiar space where they can feel comfortable.


The athletes can use this time in very different ways. In the eventful everyday life of the Sportinternat Regensburg, the afternoon between school, study and training is the only moment when the students can  rest and relax. That is why they like to retreat to the quiet group area, the sofa corner, or to their room and occupy themselves there alone or in small groups. Others do group services or tidy up their rooms during this time.


Many residents use the afternoon to talk to roommates and with the educational staff about experiences and difficulties in the group room and to work out solutions or receive support. In these rounds, group rules are also regularly discussed and, depending on the situation, further developed and ideas for joint activities are collected. This results in regular offers, such as the decoration and redesign the group rooms.

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