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Andreas Dietlinger

School groups



Jonas Buchholz

Group service

International students Supervisor

With three full-time employees, an educator and two qualified pedagogues, for the areas of group care and school, as well as over twenty part-time workers in the boarding school, the care can be tailored to the needs of the various athletes and the requirements of the schools can be dealt with flexibly and individually. The support team also receives support from employees from the household area.


Personnel deployment is highest between lunch and the start of training. While boardinhhouse manager, Ilse Götten, looks after the students in the group room when they arrive and has lunch and acts as the first point of contact, Andreas Dietlinger takes on the coordination of the study room time and looks after the school support. He receives support from pedagogical and voluntary staff so that the needs of the individual students can be addressed. In doing so, we are also submitted to the level of high school secondary school subjects.


Jonas Buchholz takes on the role of a student-athlete coordinator in the system. It is a mentor for the young players to find their way in the daily routine, helps them with orientation and supports them to maintain the course towards school and sporting goals. Since he is present, for example, in the target discussions with the team manager as well as in the formulation and review of school goals, as an independent person he keeps an eye on both responsibilities and can thus demand a high degree of personal responsibility. An important step on the way to maturity and independence.


The sports support is designed and implemented by the clubs and associations of the individual sports in close coordination with the group management. Due to the conceptual and personal separation of responsibilities, the priorities are clearly structured in order to manage the school and sport without conflict.

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