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Since we work together with all types of public schools, we are able to find the right school for every athlete according to their inclinations and abilities. We also have a lot of experience in school transfers and we can manage it even between different German States. Working also in an international contest, according with families and different national laws and school systems, it also supports the schooling of non-German speaking students with customized tutoring and solutions.


Our Team has regular phone or personal contacts with all schools and class teachers. Our staff members who are responsible for school development are constantly informed about the current performance status and can dialogue with the teachers about school progresses of each students.


Our students can miss lessons because of national or international competitions. Thanks to the support of the teachers and the close relationship with the schools it is possible elaborate in advance or recover the contents of the missed lessons. Thanks to this organisation, very successful school qualifications have been achieved in all schools in the recent years. Our record in school success is outstanding since the boardinghouse was founded and we are proud of it.


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