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Everyday life in the Sportinternat Regensburg places high demands on the residents in terms of time and organization. For the youngsters, the main thing is to learn to structure everyday school life independently and to work out a targeted plan that allows school learning to be reconciled with training times, match days and national and international competitions. In this way - especially with regard to the preparation for school leaving certificates - individual learning plans with targeted support offers are developed.


How do I design my workplace? How do I proceed in a structured manner? What task do I start with? Which priorities can or must I set? The answers to these questions decide whether the athletes can use their homework time and thus also their afternoon efficiently. If all school tasks have to be completed by the start of training, it is important for every athlete to concentrate and plan on doing homework, preparing and following up on lessons and preparing for performance certificates. These skills are developed together with the educational staff.


Individual support

Since the residents of the boardinghouse attend different types of school, there are different aspired school qualifications. School goals are agreed with the students and parents and individual plans are drawn up. If there is a need for support, employees in the learning / intensification room have access to various materials for exam preparation and support, as well as exercise books to deepen the content of the lesson.


Individual learning environment

The structure of the Sportinternat Regensburg´s building allowe students to decide independently  between intensive care in the study room and in the learning / intensification room and individual and group workplaces. Students who have already achieved a high degree of independence can do their homework in their rooms or in other areas of the group. The educational staff are in constant contact with the athletes and receive feedback on school performance. If the agreed goals and services are not achieved, the employees reserve the right to return to more intensive forms. To inquire about learning content or to study together, students can retire to group work areas, such as the sofa corner, by arrangement.

Helping people to help themselves

Learn TO learn

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