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Contact person for problems at school

In everyday life at the Sportinternat Regensburg, the educational staff are the first point of contact for school and sporting successes and exciting experiences, but also for difficulties in individual subjects, problems with teachers and conflicts with classmates and roommates. Already during lunch, but mostly during leisure time, there is space to deal with conflict situations. The development and demonstration of strategies for conflict resolution should lead to creative solutions being found and one's own behavior to be better known and assessed.


Meaningful leisure activities

Between school and training, learning and competition, the athletes at the Sportinternat Regensburg are often under tension in everyday life. In order to meet the demands on body and mind, it is crucial that the students learn to use phases of relaxation sensibly and profitably.

In addition, offers such as billiard tournaments or game afternoons should show alternatives to media use.



Participation, co-determination and helping to shape young people are important elements of everyday educational life at the Sportinternat Regensburg. In the areas of living together, leisure time, group rules and also meal planning, the students can take part in discussion processes and decisions. In this way, the students learn to recognize their own interests and to bring them into the community, to develop, justify and take responsibility for solutions together. In addition, the boarding school residents elect two spokespersons at the start of the school year, who serve as the first point of contact and complaint for the athletes and thus learn to take responsibility for the group.

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