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Spend group time together

Between school, learning and training, lunch should be the time in which the students of the Sportinternat Regensburg can talk about their experiences, successes and problems at school. In a familiar atmosphere, the players should have the opportunity to relax and integrate into the group. Social skills, such as being considerate of one another, perceiving and respecting the feelings of others and acting appropriately, can be practiced in a protected environment.


Creating awareness of healthy eating

The energy for great performances in all areas of life can only be provided by a suitable for top-class sports diet. What this diet can look like is discussed and worked on by the educational staff and the nutrition coach during lunch and in small workshops. In addition, we teach how to handle with  food in a responsible way. 


Learn housekeeping activities

Lunch is also the occasion to carry out various household works, as, for example, putting together and clearing the dishes, loading the dishwasher or cleaning the tables.

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