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12 athletes under professional contract with MLB organizations in the USA

6 college scholarship athletes to the United States

19 out of 28 newcomers to the men's national team



International contracts:

2006 Rodney Gessmann - Minnesota Twins (Pitcher)

2007 Ludwig Glase r - Anaheim Angels (Third Baseman)

2007 Donald Lutz - Cincinati Reds (First Baseman / Outfielder)

2008 Mike Bolsenbroek - Philadelphia Phillies (Pitcher)

2008 Jakub Sladek - Philadelphia Phillies (First Baseman)

2009 Max Kepler Rozycki - Minnesota Twins (Outfielder)

2011 Daniel Thieben - Seattle Mariners (Pitcher)

2013 Julsan Kamara - Philadelphia Phillies (Outfielder)

2014 Sven Schüller - Los Angeles Dodgers (Pitcher)

2014 Maik Ehmke - Arizona Diamondbacks (Outfielder)

2016 Pascal Amon - Los Angeles Dodgers (Outfielder)

2018 Niklas Rimmel - Minnesota Twins (Pitcher)

2019 Joshua Spezia - Menlo College Baseball (Pitcher)

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Team Regensburg:

In 2016, the City Council of Regensburg issued guidelines for the promotion of competitive and top-class sports and for outstanding sporting events.

The aim of this funding is to develop regional sport and to support the so called “local heroes” in order to allow them to concentrate more on their sport and be suitable for national or international competitions in the future.

Both individual athletes and the necessary infrastructure of the clubs for competitive sport can be supported.

Based on this guideline, the first so-called "Team Regensburg" set up.

Up to 30 successful athletes can become members of this team, they are selected by the working committee of the sports advisory board.

The athletes are divided into three categories depending on their age: talent, perspective and top athletes. To the categorie is base the amount of the funding they receive.

The selection is made according to criteria that are based on previous success and the prospects for development. The basic objective is to participate in the Olympic Games or World / European Championships. Admission is for one year.

The athletes represent the name of the city of Regensburg at national and international events and thus contribute to the positive image of the city of Regensburg.

In addition, they agree to be available as ambassadors for lectures, youth activities in grassroots / school sports or other high-profile events.


Our athletes:

Talent team

Tim Fischer - Regensburg Legionaries e. V.

Kilian Redle - Regensburg Legionaries e. V.

Silvan Stilzebach - Regensburg Legionaries e. V.

Paul Wittmann - Regensburg Legionaries V.



Perspective team

Pascal Amon - Regensburg Legionaries V.

Marco Iberle - Regensburg Legionaries e. V.

Alexander Schmidt - Regensburg Legionaries V.

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