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Strenght and Conditioning Coach

Date of birth: 03/23/1990
Legionäre since: 2020

In the team since: 2020

Nationality: German

Employment: full-time


  • Participants in the Alan Aragons UK Conference in London

  • Participants in the 2015 Epic Fitness Summit in Birmingham

  • Founder of the large online community "Code Fitness"

  • Training as a fitness trainer

  • Training as a Sports Performance Specialist at RAWO

  • Training EXOS as a performance specialist

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach Legionnaires Regensburg


Through his participation in high-class seminars in the field of training and nutrition (including Alan Aragon's UK Conference in London, Epic Fitness Summit 2015 in Birmingham, Mark Rippetoe in Munich), Rupert has already learned a lot from the greats of the fitness scene.

He has already proven this knowledge as the admin of the “Fitness & Bodybuilding - An End to Fairy Tales” group. From this group his passion arose in topics such as optimal exercise execution, flexible nutrition and the right training.


At the beginning of 2015 he founded the website together with 4 friends and is one of the authors of the MASS training plan, which has already been successfully trained by over 15,000 people.


Since February 2017 he has completed the distance training to become a fitness trainer on and has learned there how he can bring you to your fitness goal based on evidence and individually tailored to your needs!


In June 2018 he took part in the training to become a Sports Performance Specialist at RAWO, which is geared towards providing the best possible support for performance athletes and better preparing them for their sport.


The Performance Specialist apprenticeship at EXOS began in early 2020.


Since May 2020 he has also been a Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Legionnaires Regensburg, where he looks after the athletes in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga.



  • Twitter - cerchio grigio
  • Instagram
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