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14 Discovered talents and 24 in MLB 




Donald Lutz was the first to prove that you can actually live the dream of growing up here and making it into the major league. With Max Kepler, another of our students is currently living a great picture book career. One can and should give in to such a dream and live as long as one does not go into a dead end.

With the competitive sports program and the Baseball Academy, we created a center that helps you cope with the demands of everyday life, shaped by school, life and learning, in a structured and above-average manner. Nobody can make the way to the top alone. At the same time, no one can predict in childhood where the personal limits will be. In order to achieve the maximum possible, there is the Regensburg Baseball Academy.

With areas that are ideally coordinated with one another, such as living, education and baseball, the Regensburg Baseball Academy provides a positive environment for the best possible development. No European club has achieved more with its academy team, and certainly not with this consistency. Nobody in Europe has produced as many major league players as the program in Regensburg.

No academy has given so many players a high school diploma and professional contracts. Anyone who wants to work out this dream is welcome with us.


Our concept has caught on in Europe. Not only in Germany clubs and national programs try to emulate our example. There are now almost 10 programs across Europe. We are proud to say that our services are unsurpassed in all areas.


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